In the life of a Devine

Alexandria Ursula Devine, my full name but soon to be Alexandria Ursula Kunes. The life I am waiting to live, but unable to till I finish school. It’s a load of crap going to college and getting this so-called education. I should have been officially graduating and moved to Florida this December. Then I was supposed to Graduate this May, now because my GPA for Early Childhood Education was to short by 500ths of a point I couldn’t student teach and here I am stuck in the commuter lounge at the wonderful school I go to. I hate it here, pretty much everyday. Does anyone know what it’s like to be a commuter?? Everyone ignores you because they all have their own friends already, and you sit by yourself for hours on end staring either at a computer screen somewhere or the ceiling. I find myself in this lounge everyday with no one to talk to and bored out of my mind. “Go make friends!” everyone tells me, but when you go to a private school where everyone has money falling out there ass and to perfect to talk to you its kind of hard. Sure I could try but the last time I tried to sit next to people in class the girls purposely set there bags in the chair. So I have decided I don’t want to try. I’ll just do my work so I can graduate and FINALLY move to Florida with my loving boyfriend who I miss soooo much. I’m still waiting for the official rock but that’s suppose to happen after I graduate. School messes everything up!

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